Wrinkle Smoothing

Facial Wrinkles form as a result of repeated facial movement. At Dr. Geppert’s practice in Houston modern anti-aging treatment like wrinkle injections are employed to minimize facial muscle movement and prevent wrinkle formation achieving a rested and youthful facial appearance with no downtime. All injections are personally performed by Dr. Geppert and tailored to each patients individual needs.

Botox Cosmetic has been used for many years to decrease the appearance of frown lines on the forehead, crows’ feet around the eyes, lines on the side of the nose and upper lip, as well as platysmal bands in the neck and excessive sweating. The procedure takes about 10 minutes and no anesthetic is needed. Botox is injected with an extremely small needle and most patients report that it feels like a mosquito bite. The results become visible in 1-2 weeks and last 3-6 months. After that the procedure can be repeated if desired.

Dysport and Xeomin are newer botulinum toxins FDA approved in the US for glabellar frown lines. Their onset of action is also about 1-2 weeks and duration is 3-4 months.